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PB 0110 x LAMY LP 1.3 Black

PB 0110 x LAMY LP 1.3 Black

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LAMY x PB 0110 is a collection of leather accessories and lifestyle equipment, designed for on-the-go everyday use with high standards of quality and design - lifetime companions for the expression of personality and individuality.

LP 1.3 is a case that is worn on a leather strap. This means that an analogue tool once again occupies a central position. The case is lined with suede to protect the writing instruments.

  • Handmade in Czech Repbulic, run by a  family manufacturer who has been skilled in the production and processing of high quality materials for generations.
  • Vegetable-tanned leather from a family-run tannery in Belgium that has been producing high-quality leather since 1873 and has been awarded the Gold Standard certificate by the Leather Working Group.
  • Calf suede lining made by a specialist in southern Poland.
  • Designed by PB 0110/Christian Metzner, 2021
  • 40 x 165 x 2,5mm
  • 20g
  • Packed in a grey cardboard box and a cotton cloth that can also be used as a care cloth. The cloth is Gots and Ökotex 100 certified.
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