We have been working with small manufacturers in Poland and the Czech Republic since PB 0110 was founded. All of them are family businesses, each of them is special, has its own peculiarities, its specialities, its signature and special characters in key functions. What they all have in common is their love for craftsmanship and their enthusiasm for creating something new from drawings, prototypes and sample materials. And of course the joy of a smooth production process. Today we are pleased to introduce one of our new partners from Germany. The cooperation started during the pandemic. We have been there several times, appreciate the area, the atmosphere, the people and their skills. During our last visit we brought back some impressions.  
We believe that it is important to know how and where things are made that may accompany you for a lifetime. Especially with the coming season in mind, wouldn't it be nice to gift a sense of manufacturing as well.


Philipp Bree insists on the use of high quality materials sourced from selected, long-established European manufacturers. Production of the bags is entrusted to the expert craftworkers at two family firms of bag-makers in Bohemia, Czech Republic, and one in Poland. All of the three firms have been plying their trade for generations.

    We source the leathers from a Belgian tannery that specialised in the vegetable tanning of cowhide as early as 1873. This preserves the natural structure, supple feel and spicy scent of the leather. Only about ten percent of all leathers worldwide are vegetable-tanned. Natural leather is therefore considered a precious rarity. 

The linings are made of calf suede, which we source from a Polish manufacturer that has been producing split leather for over 150 years. All leathers used in the collection are certified with the highest awards.

    The linen is extremely hard-wearing and is woven by an Italian family business that was already known in the 19th century for its robust ropes, which still hold numerous church bells in Tuscany today. 

Linen is one of the oldest natural textile fabrics, but is used today for less than one percent of all textile fibres. The reason is the demanding conditions for cultivation. After all, the plant only flowers for a single day, then it is harvested. And little has changed in the manual labour-intensive processing for thousands of years.

    The fittings are designed for us and made of solid brass in an Italian workshop. The family business is in its second generation, and the founder still welds here herself. 

 Their surfaces are refined over time by the development of a very specific patina.
    All zips are also made of solid brass. The teeth are set very tightly, polished several times, and open and close very easily. They are extremely smooth and therefore gentle on hands and scratch-sensitive surfaces. They are produced in the middle of Germany.
  • YARN

    The selected yarn has excellent tear and abrasion resistance. It has been spun by a specialised family business in Breisgau for over 150 years.


Several designers are responsible for interpreting the PB 0110 brand philosophy. As they revisit and review our understanding of bags and accessories, over time they create a veritable family of different products all based on the same DNA: natural leather, linen and solid brass, plus a belief in the deep significance of beloved objects in our everyday lives. The designer’s initials appear in the name of each item.

    AB – Ayzit Bostan moves fluently between the worlds of design and art. Her collections are exhibited at MMK Frankfurt, BQ Berlin, the Goethe-Institut in Tokyo and the Kunstverein Munich.

    CM – Christian Metzner is a young designer from Berlin, rapidly acquiring a reputation for precision craftsmanship and the invention of inspired refinements.

    CA – Christine Ahrens has worked for international labels including Asprey and Jil Sander. Based in London, she is a much sought-after specialist in shoe and accessory design.

    FD – Product designer Friederike Daumiller has created all the fittings for PB 0110 in brass. Moreover, she works on exhibition projects such as ‘Panorama- Konstantin Grcic’ for Vitra.

    LE - Lars Eidinger is a German stage and film actor. Eidinger started his career at the Deutsches Theater in 1997. He is a member of the ensemble of the Schaubühne Theatre in Berlin.

    MF – Martin Fengel is an artist, teaching photography at the university in Bolzano, draws every week for Zeitmagazin and loves to take pictures to see how things look photographed.

    HAW – The visual identity of PB 0110 is the brainchild of Haw-Lin Services. The two designers Nathan Cowen and Jacob Klein maintain their own internationally renowned online moodboard

    KG - Katrin Greiling is founder of Studio Greiling, a Stockholm-conceived Berlin-based office dedicated to furniture design, interior architecture and photography.

    NT – NEW TENDENCY is a design company that applies modernist principles onto contemporary objects. In Bauhaus tradition, they create products, handcrafted in Germany.

    YS – The work of Japan-based design team Yusuke Seki embraces simplicity and minimalism. Gaining inspiration from materials, location, history; gathered and reinterpreted through their designs.

    RW - RÄTHEL & WOLF is a responsible jewellery brand based between London and Berlin, founded by designers Sari Räthel and Ricarda Wolf.

    HG - David Hagenkötter makes clothes and accessories according to traditional craftsmanship. With the awareness that everything is available, he designs products that can be inherited.