BO 29 - Martina Berg

BO 29 - Martina Berg

Martina Berg

Arabic Nivea lid, already more than 20 years old. 1998: my first conference abroad and right after the first day I directly had a 'cream emergency' in hot Dubai.

In times of globalization, this Arabic Nivea lid has probably not existed anymore for a long time, but was also unusual at that time, because it was usually only available in the national language on the underside or as a label to stick over it.

As a 'you-dont-need-more-than-nivea-for-your-skin-child', I've been providing supplies of the 60ml can in Asian countries ever since. Otherwise the old lid won't fit, because in Europe this size does not exist.

It is a daily beloved object and will probably be so in the next 20 years.

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