BO 24 - Christina Végh

BO 24 - Christina Végh

The elephants found each other by chance. Often coincidences turn out to be the most important and beautiful events in life. 

Coincidence No. 1 – When my grandfather on my father’s side passed away, we asked ourselves, who should get his little elephant. It has four hearts on it and those hearts have the initials of the family member. Since to that point I was the only one with a four-person family, to match the number of hearts, the little sculpture was handed over to me. The family animal is still connected with my father’s family, but also with the younger generation of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Coincidence No. 2 – one of our dearest and closest friends gave us the „double elephant“ as a present. And incidentally the little elephant fits on their saddel more than perfectly

So there are these magical moments in which everything comes together – in this case meaningful stories, good feelings and memories from past and present combine. 

Apart from that: It is not only because of their strong sense of family and their intelligence that I   think elephants are stunning animals. I always admire their size and weight yet very soft footsteps.

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