Chartreuse greenery, blooming trees, petrichor, warm embraces, long-awaited produce and other delights to be shared, yes, it’s spring.

To usher in the season of growth and renewal, a luncheon outdoors among friends is in order. For the perfect ‘déjeuner sur l'herbe,’ we have gathered an assemblage of goods – leather cushion, cutlery, a cutting board, natural wine, and food – from like-minded manufacturers who match our philosophy of using high-quality and sustainable materials to create lifelong companions. To complete the set are special editions from some of our PB 0110 classics, designed in line with the idea of bringing all our goods that are necessary for a beautiful event. 


Image of Mimi Ferment Usukuchi Shoyu


Image of Seat Cushion Cloud


Image of Eshly Bentobox


Image of Auerberg Cutting Board-Set


Image of Heinrich Graue Freyheit 2020


Image of Khmu 2 Natural


Image of Mono Pott Slicing Knife
Image of CM 38 Natural-White
Image of Ribelmais Chips



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